HIdden (Caché) (2005) • France • Michael Haneke

The worst of all possible scenarios is when a director sets out to intentionally and patronizingly bore the audience and succeeds. There is no story here. The plot is incomplete. It takes a stab at trying to implicate 'bourgeois' life in ... in what, I'm not sure it's very clear.

Juliette played a couple scenes really well, but I think they were a reaction to the script rather than a reading of it. One of the grossest scenes in cinematic history involves some one petting her head trying to create some story. It fails, he fails, it's gross.

This film is not strong enough in character(s) to be a personal story--man against himself. Troubled pasts are not a class exclusive. There was no one and nothing to care about, fear, or empathize with in this film. None of which is absolutely necessary but it might have been sufficient.


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