The Grand (2008) • USA

I laughed and laughed. This is a great vehicle for Woody Harrelson, but I could also list and applaud the umpteen other actors (from Werner Herzog to Gabe Kaplan) in this ensemble comedy. It's fast paced and smartly written. The inside jokes are there for those who know the world of Professional Poker but you don't need to be an insider to laugh at most of them. This is one of the best comedies I've seen in a long time.



  1. Alright! A move I'll definitely want to see. I love Woody Harrelson and Werner Herzog and haven't seen much of either lately.

    I used to watch Texas Hold em on TV, and for awhile (when I lived in Santa Barbara) I played in a weekly poker game with a group of guys who were serious about the old classic kind of poker and played for quarters. I'd either win five bucks or loss five, but it was worth the pittance in entertainment and educational value. Tried to get a poker game going here with women friends, but all they wanted to do was eat fancy food and gossip. They never got serious about the game and thought I was the poker Nazi.

  2. "I love Woody Harrelson" ... you don't hear that too often. A number of 'real' players have parts in the film you may recognize. I think you'll like it.