Shiri (1999) • South Korea

There is a scene in this movie where two good guys are sitting in a large empty auditorium facing the stage, their backs to the rear entrances. They aare there as bait, waiting for the bad guys. An entire SWAT team is positioned around the circumference of the auditorium, in the rafters, the bleachers, the high priced alcoves, ready to shoot the bad guys whwn they arrive. The tree bad guys, well, two bad guys and a bad girl, enter the auditorium and walk about half way down the aisle. The shooting begins. Chaos ensues. Nobody gets killed. Cut to a very long hallway that has a dozen or more of these SWAT commandos, presumably highly trained marksmen and women, chasing the bad girl, firing at her. Missing! She is able to return a few over the shoulder/behind the back shots and take out a few SWAT guys. Then she takes one in the shoulder. "Ouch" she says as she gets away.

There's another scene where an entire SWAT team bursts into a room where they know the bad guy is going to be, with their guns a-blazin'. The bad guy jumps up and starts to run away. He stops in a doorway and takes a few shots at the team.

I can't go on.

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