Humanité (L' Humanité) (1999) • France

I don't know what Humanité was about, or what the director was trying to say; it would be boring if one was after some plot. There was one there, but all together there was about five minutes spent disclosing it. At first blush the ending was silly, trying to be provocative for no reason. I don't care.

Pharaon gives Joseph a big smooch to thank him for giving him Domino?

Emmanuel Schotté as Pharaon is mesmerizing. He lets you see inside his head. His walk is modern dance. I can't imagine him being anything else but this character. All three of the male actors were masters of the facial expression. So subtle. The sound design is spectacular. I noticed it as much as anything else.

Many of the scenes which seemed to have nothing to do with anything more than revealing character were captivating. There is one scene of Pharaon riding his bicycle several miles that takes a few minutes of real time. He gets to a random place, stops, looks back and breathes heavily for a few moments. Then he rides back the other way. Fade to black, next scene.


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