Top Ten Most Enjoyable Films of 2010

A few of these had a 2009 festival (or local) release but were 2010 films for me. Mother, Air Doll, Be Sure to Share, and Night and Fog were on my Best of 2009 list.
  1. The Social Network • USA
  2. Confessions • Japan**
  3. Aftershock • China
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs the World • USA
  5. Greenberg • USA
  6. Catfish • USA
  7. Season of Good Rain • China, South Korea
  8. Hear Me • Taiwan
  9. Closer to Heaven • South Korea
  10. One Day • Taiwan
Two films I'm confident would be on this list if I had seen them are Sono Shion's Cold Fish and Nakashima Tetsuya's Confessions. Most surprising is that four USA films ranked so high, Taiwan has two spots, and there is nothing from Japan, yet.

**[UPDATE] Saw Confessions, and there it is at #2. Wow. What a film.

There are, of course, many films I haven't seen. A handful that I have seen, and that have shown up on many top tens around the Internet, that deserve mention, although not always honorable, are: True Grit, Black Swan, Inception, Shutter Island, Jack Goes Boating, Animal Kingdom, The Ghost Writer, The Fighter, The Town, The American, Please Give, Poetry, Never Let Me Go, I Saw the Devil, Dogtooth, and Enter the Void.


  1. Surely there were better movies in 2009 & 2010 ...

  2. Better, perhaps, but more enjoyable, I don't know. I was surprised by the difficulty of creating this list.

  3. I haven't seen most of the films in your list; in fact, to be honest, I've seen only the one that has topped your list. But I'm quite sure I'll love the films that follow it. By the way, one film that I feel missed your "to see" list is Carlos - a terrific achievement that film is in my humble opinion.

    Great template, by the way.

  4. Hey Shubhajit! Yes, there are a number of films I didn't get the chance to see that could be contenders. CARLOS is definitely one of them, along with INCENDIES, WINTER'S BONE, 13 ASSASSINS, and BIUTIFUL, to name a few others.

  5. Hello sitenoise. :) Wooh, I finally get to post a comment! I visited last week and got reminded about The Social Network so I had to scramble for my copy of it. Just finished watching it and I can say that its a great film. Jesse Eisenberg was loveable. Although I don't think it would make the top of my own list(a non-existent list if I may add as I somehow already have forgotten the movies I watched last year) but still, I can see where you guys are coming from. I will note those other films in your list and see them if I can get a copy.

  6. My damp weather friend, thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked Social Net. Eisenberg is supposed to be playing an asshole, ya know ;) I think you and I might be te only ones who found him adorable. I had a hard time coming up with a favorites list this year. I think, of the 10 here, you should set your sights on "Closer to Heaven" and maybe "Season of Good Rain". Oh, and definitely "Confessions" ... forgot I added that. It's the "Battle Royale" of the new decade. Great film.

  7. Of course I always stop by. I just don't comment because I've got nothing to say as I'm always late when it comes to movies. Hehe. But I do note your posts then sort out any possible movies I might like. Yeah I think I just developed a crush on Jesse! He was just cute, he was a loveable asshole!He's just so adorable I'd like to see him grab that Oscars.