The Uncertain Guest (El Habitante incierto) (2004) • Spain

The problem with this movie is it could have been written better. The hyper-expository monologues Claudia dishes out are so unrealistic I laughed. It's a sign of a director in trouble when he has to give lines to a character, for the sake of the audience, that can't be delivered organically by that character. Those plot-getting-in-the-way-of-the-story lines polluted an otherwise poetic, dream like, and metaphorical film. It's a beautiful essay on loneliness.

I would never call this film "Lynchy" ... which is just shorthand for "I don't get it but I liked it anyway ... I think. Didn't I? Did you?" David Lynch's films can be difficult. This film is just a beta release, ya know, like everything from google.

Hence, the sudden remake. El Habitante incierto is a brilliantly conceived film that should have been executed better so the director is taking a mulligan. That's cool. I look forward to it and hope he does a better job explaining Vera's sudden muteness upon being shot in the plot hole we all saw coming like an eighteen wheeler.

OK. She was shot in the mouth and it just took a couple days without food or water for her to get her voice back at film's end. Yeah, that's it.

I give the first half a 9, the second half a 5. Let's call it a 7 and anxiously await the do-over. It's a lovely film to look at and it frustrated me so much I'm going to watch it again and again until version 2 comes along.


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