Loft (Rofuto) (2005) • Japan • Kiyoshi Kurosawa

It's not worth two hours time to sit through this, a deliberately poor movie, a weak self-parodying movie, to show the audience that even in the context of pointless nonsense, the director can still frame a shot well, or set a mood of dread filled (dreadful?) anticipation. I'm just not a big enough Kurosawa fanboy to try and make excuses for a film like this.

Is this film funny? Yes. And here's how it's funny: in one scene, after the presence of the J-Horror Goth Chick Ghost has been established, the director strings together a sequence of shots where the lovely Miki Nakatani spots said JHGC's feet in another room and inhales with a shudder as she runs into a corner. Miki doesn't do a good job of running away. She begins to creep anxiously closer to the ghoul again, and upon visual confirmation inhales with a shudder and runs to a different corner, and then creeps anxiously closer, shudder, corner, creeping, shudder, corner, creeping, shudder, a calm acceptance, CUT TO A NEW SCENE. Ha ha ha!

If you see this film think of it as taking a night class in Kiyoshi Kurosawa technique. You'll learn something.


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