My Mom's New Boyfriend (2008) • USA

A few chuckles, a little bit of plot, and some star power. I wish there'd been more Selma Blair on screen. I like her but ... her part could have been played by anybody.

It's kind of scary when Meg Ryan smiles (her face is a small disaster and her lips are ill-freaky) but other than that, even despite that, she looks good and can still pull off her Megness like no one else. There are a couple scenes that are pure Meg: when Antonio is fawning over how hot she looks, she responds "Yeah! I know!" Only Meg could do that and not make everybody throw-up. In another scene she gets mad at him and throws a fit, punching and screaming into the air. Antonio just watches until its over and is speechless (so was I) but for a genuinely soft-spoken "Wow." It is nice to see those scenes. Meg's still got it and Antonia doesn't seem like he's going to lose it any time soon.

It is a pleasant surprise to see how good Antonio looks. Maybe I just haven't seen him in a while. I've always liked him in comedies. If you like Antonio, you will love the scene where he ends up with each hand in a glass of water (or white wine?). Antonio could charm the socks off ... I dunno, somebody who really needed their socks.

That's what these kinds of movies are all about, right? How good do our stars look? How much do we enjoy seeing our favorite celebrities prance about ... acting.

There's a light twist at the end of the film so everybody can be happy. Upon reflection it explained a few unanswered hmmmm's from previous scenes but I didn't see it coming because I wasn't expecting it; I didn't need it and I had forgotten about the earlier scenes because this isn't a movie you keep score on.


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