Rules of Dating (Yeonae-ui mokjeok) (2005) • South Korea

This film has appalling sexual politics. A repugnant womanizer rapes a student teacher he is supervising. The act serves as an introduction to his playboy technique. We know the two parties involved are going to end up together because this is a film about them. It's about power and the rules of dating. The guy never redeems himself and the girl appears to hate the man but sleeps with him voluntarily anyway, as a sort of challenge to see if she can regain power. Hye-jeong Kang is equally mesmerizing and frustrating as the messed up girl with baggage galore, but the guy is a complete ass. He gets it in the end but it is a painful trip. I can't believe this movie tells the story it does, and to flamenco music no less. The poster is as misleading as the music. Weird, uncomfortable film. Recommended.


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  1. Yes Kang Hye-jeong is outstanding in this, as she is in most everything. And you can say anything bad you want, but chicken shit one-liners aren't useful.