In Love We Trust (Zuo you) [2007] • China

Check this scenario: a divorced couple learns that the only way to save the life of their little daughter Hehe (that's her name, I'm not inserting a chuckle), who suffers from a blood disease, is to have another child. But both of them have remarried. Do they do it? Do they do it in secret? Can they do it?

No surprise to learn director Xiaoshuai Wang studied painting before becoming a director. This is a marvelously composed film. The screenplay is brutal sharp with one large unnecessary gimmick toward the end. I'm glad this theme was done art-house and not commercial melodrama, which it could easily be. The four main performers are solid and compelling, with lots of shots of faces on bodies doing nothing but carrying burden within. And they all pull it off. You'll have lots to talk about after watching this.


Director: Xiaoshuai Wang
Starring: Jia-yi Zhang, Nan Yu, Taisheng Chen, Yuan Tian, Yuanyuan Gao

Screen International

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